About Us

We are pleased to express our warm wishes as well as introducing our self as a well-established and 100% export-oriented leather goods & leather manufacturing industry in Bangladesh.

The founder, Mr. Azadur Rahman of “United Saud Group” was born in a respectable Muslim family in the district of Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

In 2017, Mr. Azadur Rahman started his own leather business through his mother company “Saud Corporation” and achieved a lot of success in home and abroad within a very short time.

Experience on our products:

Over one decades of manufacturing experience, we able to achieve full confidence & satisfaction from the side of our customers in Japan & Europe market.

We always pay attention on the Quality rather than Quantity. From collecting raw materials to packing, we strictly maintain quality in every step of our production. And our first priority is to lift a sense of safety and satisfaction at the customers’ end.

About our team:

We have dedicated team of professionals having long experience in leather, shoe & leather goods manufacturing.

At the same time, another team of professionals is working in our registered office for the banking, Commercial, Supply chain Management, Accounts & Finance controlling purpose.

We work directly with the tanneries, weavers, mills, and hardware manufacturers to have complete control on our product costing purpose.

Material Sourcing:

When it comes to sourcing materials, our experienced & smart souring team is ready to serve you at their best level of effort. Because we have wide range of supply sources in Europe & Asia. We work directly with the manufacturers without having any middlemen.

We strictly comply with all international standards in every step of our production and it starts with the raw materials. We use both vegetable and chrome tanned leathers sources both domestically and internationally, depending on your needs.